Working Over the Holidays

January 11, 2010
For those who have jobs, the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. While family and friends are at home celebrating, some are stuck working.

“I worked on Christmas Eve and everyone was cranky and angry,” said junior, Jake.
Jake, who works at a local Starbucks, tried to deal with the angry customers in the best way possible. Despite the cheer holidays bring, they also bring stress, whether it’s purchasing last minute gifts or preparing a large dinner for the family. Cranky customers create cranky employees.

The stores are jam-packed the days leading up to Christmas. Snow, cold weather, and crowds of people may put frustration upon people, whether they’re in a rush, or trying to spread holiday cheer.

Although customers may be frustrated, and employees may be stressed, there is an upside to the ruckus that goes on during the holiday season. Most businesses offer their employees time and a half. This means that employees earn their normal pay, along with another half of what they normally make. Also, those working on commission benefit because of the large amount of people shopping.

“I earned 80 dollars in tips when I worked over the holidays, versus my normal 20 dollars,” said junior, Dan.

Working over the holidays brings out the best or worst in people. Nevertheless, workers are doing their job to serve the shoppers of the community.

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