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January 14, 2010
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This is an ad in People Magazine for AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca is a pharmaceutical company that distributes medication. The ad is trying to convince people that their depression is bipolar disorder. There is a quiz that comes along with the ad and a website to see if you have bipolar disorder. Their goal is to get people to visit their website
This ad can be intended for any adult. A woman is shown but the ad is not woman specific. The ethnicity for this ad is not specific, although there is a white woman in the ad it can be used towards any race.
One side of the ad shows a woman looking into a mirror being angry. The other side shows seven different pictures of situations or symptoms of bipolar disorder. All of the symptoms are common feelings or phases that are common in everyday life. The situations shown are “talking to fast”, “sleeping less”, “buying things you don’t need”, “spending out of control”, “being irritable”, “having racing thoughts”, and “flying off the handle”.
The main tool of persuasion used in this ad is the use of common people in common situations. They use feelings that common in everyday life.
AstraZeneca, with this ad wants to show us if someone feels depressed they have bipolar disorder. It’s clear that the ad creators are trying to convince viewers that anyone can be bipolar by the common situations they show the woman in.

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