January 7, 2010
She walks down the stairs and fast he drops his arms back into the water.
Too late, she caught him, dishes were to be done before school, David knew better
She hit him and he fell to the floor, it had to have hurt but no tears shed, not one
By now David knew his place as “It” the boy that didn’t matter one bit to anyone
Laughed at, by his old friends, clothes worn day after day, all torn and dirty
The smell, how awful was the smell that came off his skin no baths or clothes
He went as he was, a small little boy only about eight years old, hope was lost
He gave up, on the God that they spoke about, where was his savior,
Nothing but heartache and broken dreams of a little boy
That day he thought he was in trouble, the cops took him away
But instead he was told he was free and that he would never be hurt by her again
David was finally free from feeling to hopeless
He found an angel in a strangers face

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