January 6, 2010
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Agnes, that's my name.. No im not embarrassed by it, but i do wish i had another name like... Skye or maybe even Olivia. something know? my name is pretty exotic & sometimes i feel like its really bizarre! But enough about it. Today i feel that i made the greatest discovery, i actually enjoy writing. Like i don't ever really write in my spare time. But today i tried and now i know im actually kind of good. Have you ever had that happen to you? When you notice something about yourself you didn't know existed? Think back to the first time when someone told you, you were pretty or the time someone liked you back and told you. That is how this feels to me, its some sort of time bomb that's about to explode and make something bigger of me then i thought i was (not saying that i thought i was big in the first place.) but REALIZING. that's the moment i felt the fireworks inside of me. Bursting with mixed emotions and one million thoughts, i myself may not even explain.
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. people always think i stink at sports at first glance because i appear girly from the outside...they think im one of those ditsy cheerleaders who slack off in school & only care about boys. Its absolutely, positively not true. i try my greatest in school even though im barely getting a B in science. i love to read too, & i have gotten 4th place in a district spelling bee. yea. you heard me, people dont know anything until they realize. if they could just realize im not a attention seeker and spotlight snob because im not.
i have a pretty weird name, ill admit it doesn't mean anything. Once people realize then they'll know. And they will find the truth in this planet of lies and rumors and all of it. this sounds pretty stupid but i think its true. and please if you think im lying try looking around. just once. im sure youll realize.

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