John Dillinger Crime

January 6, 2010
By Anonymous

During 1933, crime rates across the Midwest were growing exponentially. John Dillinger and his gang could not be contained, putting police officers under duress. After escaping from his jail cell in Indiana, Dillinger’s bank robberies were rampant. His robberies ranged from Ohio to South Dakota and became known as the most dangerous man in America.
The Dillinger Gang found it all but inane to commit crimes due to their lacking code of ethics. And in one year Dillinger led a chain of twelve robberies in six different states. They then held up The First National Bank in East Chicago, where Dillinger was forced to kill a police officer. Dillinger was later caught and charged with the murder. The other culprits involved with the inexorable crime escaped to Texas.
Dillinger was taken to Crown Point jail in Indiana, a cell claimed to be inescapable, and posted extra guards to make sure. Dillinger was even locked up in a cell clandestine to the other prisoners. However, Dillinger was able to carve a wooden gun in his cell and tricked the guards to open his cell. He then took two men hostage and began to admonish other guards to stand down. Every guard did concur to his threat, which allowed for his escape.
Dillinger met up with his gang in Chicago where they headed up to Little Bohemia Lodge in the Northern Wisconsin town of Manitowish Waters. The owners of the Lodge quickly recognized the, now flagrant, identities of the gang and warned local authorities. The gang escaped; however, three months later Dillinger was shot to death outside a movie theater in Chicago.

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