Story of a Boy’s Life

January 5, 2010
By Lolafish:] BRONZE, Appleton, Wisconsin
Lolafish:] BRONZE, Appleton, Wisconsin
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One day his parents decided to have a kid, in a few short months the mother was pregnant. Nine months later the mother was in a hospital bed, she was ready and very happy to have this child, and then her water broke, she was ready. While hours passed by, the doctor recognize that there was something wrong. The mother asked the doctor what is wrong with my child. The doctor told the mother that it was not going to be simple to deliver this baby. The doctor said either you go or your child goes. The mother than had tears running down her face. The doctor said, “I’m sorry, the time is up, you will have to choose.” The mother then said, “That she will be the one to go and let her child live.” The doctor asked if she was sure and the mother was in tears. She then answered, yes I will go, let my child live on to see the beautiful world. Then while she got done delivering the baby boy, she passed away. The baby boy ended up staying in the hospital for a few days. Then the father of the baby come to see his child, along came with him, was his older brother. The older brother asked if he could adopt the baby boy because he could not have any boys with his wife. The younger brother said yes. The very next day that baby boy came home and lived with his uncle. The very next week the younger brother went to California to find a wife because he couldn’t have taken cared of five kids himself. He comes back with a wife. As years passed by the little boy grew older, kid would make fun of him that he was adopted by his uncle. The little boy did not believe what the others kids were saying, he knew he was not adopted. As he grew older his parents finally told him that he was adopted by them and tears came running down his face. He wanted to kill himself because he was in so much pain, and then he finally thought about it and said to himself that he can’t change the past he can only change the future and decided to live with his parents who took care of him all these years. This is a very sad story of this boy’s life that became strong and recognize for who he is and the boys name was Peter.

The author's comments:
he says: " i hate my birthday" beacause his mother had passed away on his birth. he learn how to love his birthday.

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