The Empty Room

January 5, 2010
By POTPChris BRONZE, Aitkin, Minnesota
POTPChris BRONZE, Aitkin, Minnesota
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Trevor had a room stuffed to the rim with all the newest gadgets and technology, when ever something new came out that seemed better than what he had he couldn't live without it. Trevor never felt the need to leave his house because he had everything he could ever want at his feet. When his friends would ask him to come over to their house he'd always make up excuses and say he couldn't go anywhere, then cleverly ask if they could come to his house. As the years pasted by Trevor became more attached to his room and house, and being where he could get all he needed. So he thought.

His friends grew tired of his excuses and wondered if he was ever going to be able to face the real world; they pondered about whether he'd make it anywhere with his life. Trevor was stuck in never ending grasp of technology and the virtual world of heroism. Trevor was one of the best in his town at some of the most popular video games, he'd play a lot of first person shooters on the Internet. This led him to a desperate conclusion, he wanted to be a video game designer or video game tester once he had to move out, that's right; he planned on never leaving his house. No one could blame him though; why would you ever want to leave a place where you have everything and go to almost nothing and have to work for yourself.

Although Trevor had all of his friends on the Internet he began to feel down and started thinking about his future. He was good at video games but that didn't mean he could easily just get a job dealing with them, most careers involving video games and sorts of technology like it require much skill with math and other schooling. Trevor realized how he was slacking in school because he was so focused on just beating someone else's high score; and just did what he thought was considered cool. Trevor had the love from his parents but didn't have much love from his friends, they all knew how selfish he was being by lying to them. They all knew that he just wanted them to come over so he could show how well he had it made at his house and how great his parents were. Little did he realize he was missing out on a lot of lives lessons; Never having to work at all for anything handed with overly opened arms and unintelligent love does not prepare anyone for their adult life. With the arms giving and never asking for, nor getting respect comes social problems; only wanting to get and never wanting to give can be a bad trait. It's not to common to find friends who are willing to give and give for others and keep giving without any appreciation.

One of Trevor's closest friends began to be busy all the time and never had time to play video games and hang out at his house anymore. When Trevor spent countless weekends by himself playing video games he began to realize how all of his friends have drifted away. He was furious and couldn't put the blame on himself; he thought is was everyone else's fault, he thought they should try harder to spend time with him. His friends were changing and he didn't like it, he couldn't understand why everyone had to change; everyone's change was actually just them growing up and starting to have priorities like a job and looking for the right college.

Trevor on the other hand didn't experience any of this because he was stuck in this empty room, with an empty chest and no one to really communicate and share his feelings with. The room was filled with objects that every teenager wanted; but that did not mean he'd be happy forever. Love for an object can easily die and wither away; but love shared with others Is a much harder thing to break.

Trevor soon enough graduated out of High School, he had no plans and no idea what to do with his life. The only thing he was familiar with was playing video games and although he frequently used the newest technology he never paid attention to details on how it worked. As he occasionally left his parents house he'd run into his old high school friends and hear more and more stories about his friends going to college and all having stable jobs and incomes, raising families, and being happy with their lives. Then in his head something clicked, he knew he had to quit playing video games he had to collect his buried feelings; it was time for him to straighten out his life.

Not having any experience working before Trevor was clueless on what he should do, he remembered some lessons that were taught in school about filling out applications. After filling out a couple applications from small local businesses the only thing Trevor could do was wait for a phone call.

Months went by and no phone call was received; Trevor started feeling a sense of panic all the time, it was in describable he just wanted things to be better. He didn't know what to do and didn't know how to get rid of the feeling. When thoughts of suicide began to stir in his head he got medication to help make him happy; not to long after we began playing video games again and being happy with it. When ever he forgot to take the medication he'd feel horrible, even worse then he did before. The pills were only numbing what was there and not fixing them, they just get growing but he couldn't feel them grow stronger. Trevor sat in his empty room with empty feelings running through his body, medication or not Trevor was lonely.

Loneliness can be caused in many different ways and by many different things; missing out on your teen years by living in a virtual world being another person or character more than you are being yourself in the real world can cause problems maturing into an adult. Having everything you could ever ask for and not having to work a muscle like Trevor did will cause dependence on the source you got everything from; in Trevor's case he got everything from his parents, when he's supposed to start working for getting things for himself he's still going to be relying on his parents to get him the things he needs.

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