"Time Should Go with Our Reality"

December 15, 2009
By coolkid123 BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
coolkid123 BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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Sometimes I find myself asking for more and more time on a particular thing or event. Time cannot be controlled no matter how bad we wish it could be. Have you ever been to the perfect party, or on the best date ever? If you have then you feel what I’m saying. As soon as you get home you go to your room feeling real good about what just happened and say “I wish I had more time”. More time would mean having a better time at whatever event you are at. It can also go both ways. If you are doing something boring or in a bad mood and you really want the time to go extra fast it really doesn’t, it feels like time is going slower then ever. In my opinion time is really a figment of our imagination, it’s just a whole bunch of numbers out together to tell us that its time for something to start or end. One good thing does come from having time though. Without time how could the world or anyone stay on track. It just wouldn’t be possible or even seem real would it.
I also wanted to go across the topic of reversing reality or going back in time. I feel myself wandering back into my past thoughts of events that went on when I was younger. The things that came up most to my mind were the mistakes that I made. Whether it was money problems, work, school, or even friends everything involved a different problem. Have you ever thought what you could have done to prevent something from happening? Maybe if you could go back in time and tell your younger self to not make those mistakes that you made so you could have a better future. What if the mistakes that happened made you the person that you are today? Life is suppose to be full of mistakes and bad choices so you end up learning from them and that’s what makes a brighter future for everyone.

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