Purple plum

I just bit into a plum. I wonder where it came from. It is so juicy and tender; it probably came from somewhere in California or some hot place. Maybe it wasn’t even grown in the United States. I will never know where it was grown from. Maybe the person who picked it could have been a kid or maybe an old man. It cold have been a tall man or a short man. Maybe it was a woman. It could have fallen to the ground and someone could have got it. I will never know who picked my plum or where my plum came from, but all I know is that it’s an amazing one.

If humans didn’t not need sleep this world would be totally different. There would be no shifts and night or in the morning. Many jobs would be occupied. The whole world would have longer hours in the day. Many people would start to get bored of their lives. At home I would become very bored because I don’t know what I would do for the next 17 or whatever how many hours would be till the end of my school day to the start of another school day. I wouldn’t know what time to eat dinner or lunch or breakfast because I’m not waking up to determine when I eat breakfast. I would be lost if we didn’t have sleep. Also their would be a gain in the jobs of people because many people now would need full time jobs to occupy themselves and also new jobs would be created for any problems in this new change.

If I ever wrote the movie of my life I don’t know who the actor would be who plays me right now because I have no idea what will happen to my life in the future. If I knew I was going to die tomorrow I would be able to choose a character but since I don’t know when I’m going to die I don’t know. It all depends on what happens to me and what I do later on in my life.

In November during 1859, the x-ray was developed. It was a huge invention because it helped doctors see what was wrong with their patient’s bones to see if they were broken, fractured, or sprained. It made everything easier for doctors because now they don’t have to guess where something is wrong based on their knowledge. They can just see it with their own eyes. One bad part about the invention of the x-ray is that it gives off some radiation and this is not good for human beings. It can kill someone if someone has too much radiation. But there are some ways to reduce the amount of radiation getting into a persons body.

One day in the month of November, Antarctica was found. This was an amazing discovery. This was big because we found another continent on the Earth. I would love to visit Antarctica because it looks very cool and it has many sea animals such as polar bears, whales, fish, and sea lions. It is also very different from the rest of the world. It is a land of ice and there is nothing else like it. There is no other place like Antarctica on the Earth. That is why I would like to visit it.

If I had the opportunity to choose what the countries symbol would be I would choose the eagle over the turkey. The eagle is a much more powerful animal than the turkey. Turkeys are ones who are eaten during November and are not smart and strong predators. If I were able to choose a totally different animal I would choose the lion. I would choose this animal because it is the king of the jungle and it is one of the most powerful animals in the world. It is also respected by many people.

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