Lost Trust

December 2, 2009
By Anonymous

It was a scorching summer day. We were sweating from head to toe. As we walked in, we felt the cold refreshing breeze hit our faces. As my mother and I were walking around the store, my eyes were drawn to something. The jewelry. An idea popped into my head. A very bad idea. I don’t know what was going through my head. I probably wasn’t even thinking. Next thing I knew I quickly ripped the price tag off a necklace. I placed it around my neck and left with my mother. I was lucky enough that not one person saw the shameful thing I had done. About an hour after I arrived home, my mom noticed the necklace. She asked me where I had gotten it. I, of course, stayed quiet. She didn’t need an answer; she already knew. My parents gave me the worst lecture of my life! My mother told my aunt and uncle. They gave her some advice. I heard her crying through the whole conversation from my room. My stomach started turning inside out. A tear drop fell down my cheek. All I kept thinking was,” How could I have done this to my own parents?!” It, of course, took a while for them to trust & confide in me again.

I just wish I could do it differently. I would have never had stolen that necklace. That day I lost myself. But, most importantly, I lost my parent’s trust.

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