The Man Who Uses His Bodily Fluids as a Lethal Weapon

October 30, 2009
By Anonymous

The Man Who Uses His Bodily Fluids as a Lethal Weapon

HIV has become a huge epidemic in the United States. More and more people contract the disease and sometimes they knowingly infect others. One man took his approach to a different level. Philippe Padieu, a 53 year old martial art instructor from Dallas, Texas infected over 20 women with HIV. These women made it their duty to put this womanizer behind bars.
Philippe would look for vulnerable women, those who are just coming out of a long term marriage or relationship. He would win these womens’ hearts by telling them that he loved them and making them feel good about themselves. Little did they know they were dealing with a murderer. After he wins these women’s hearts he then convinces them to have unprotected sex with him by telling them there is nothing to worry about. Not knowing about his HIV these women would agree to have unprotected sex with him, that there was a very small chance that they can contract an STD. Later they would soon find out their worst nightmare.
Susan brown a mother of three from Frisco, Texas is one of Padieu’s victims. She was in a 25 year marriage before she met Philippe. When she found out that she had been infected with HIV she was devastated. The first thing she thought about was her kids. After finding out she had HIV she then made it her concern to call all the other women that Philippe had been sexually involved with and let them know the harsh reality that they might be infected with this disease too.
All of these women thought there lives were over; they didn’t know what to do. Then, when they finally got themselves together, they decided to do something about this. They contacted the police and told them about Philippe and the terrible thing he was doing. The police then sent Philippe an order to stop having unprotected sex. He ignored the order and he still remained to bring numerous women to his house and then engaged in sexual relations with them.
It wasn’t long before Philippe was arrested. He claimed that one of the women had given it to him and he had no idea that he was infected. Little did he know that his past medical records would be brought up and he would be exposed as a liar. His past medical records show that he did indeed know that he was infected. He knew years ago, but he didn’t believe it so he just ignored the issue.
Philippe has been doing this for over ten years. Susan Brown recalls one time she went to the doctors with Philippe and she stayed in the car while he got checked out and when he came back to the car she asked him if everything went well. He lied and said “Yes”.
He was charged with six counts of intentionally infecting women with HIV. He was then sentenced to 45 years on five of the counts. He received a 25 year sentence for the remaining count. He still doesn’t feel that he deserved that time.
Tricia Reeves, devastated, outraged, and appalled decided to speak out for all the women: "Philippe Padieu knowingly, intentionally and recklessly infected us with HIV," she said. "Whether you did it on purpose or not, your obligation was to inform us and you did not. We can only assume that by his indifference he intended for us to die."

The author's comments:
I chose to write about this piece for the simple fact that nobody should have to go through what these women are going through because of the carelessness of others.

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