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January 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Modern technology has had certain effects on today’s youth community. Supporters say that technology helps children create friendships, and opposers say that it diminishes their social skills and values. I think that modern technology has destroyed the social values of today’s community. They have abused their privileges.

Most children today get their first cell phones around the ages of ten and thirteen, and if you look on closer inspection, you can see that they also carry iPods. Children have been the gift of technology for good purposes. A student, Kelley Doyle-Mace, has said, “I can’t live without walking around campus listening to music” (Harris 1) Everywhere you look, you can be sure that there will be an iPod being used.

Technology has also caused another problem, and that is children are spending less time with their family. They are slowly losing their connection and bond with their parents. Bob Affonso has stated that, “Children are reported to be spending less time talking with their families, experiencing more stress, and depression” (1). The youth have the time to text their friends, but don’t have the time to talk with the people who gave them life? Psychology professors have also seen that children who overuse the Internet are either lonely or in significant misery. Would you want that for your child?

Supporters of technology say that the Internet helps children create friends, but data for the American Psychological Association clearly states that children have fewer friends because of this. The data clearly shows that technology is having harmful effects on the youth community. How can the supporters argue when there is clear evidence if detrimental effects on the children?

The supporters also seem to think that the Internet creates self-confidence and comfort when they deal with others. They should talk to other children, not sit on the computer the whole day. It clearly destroys their social values and skills. The Internet doesn’t build up self-confidence, it tears it right down. Interaction between individuals is diminishing as people turn to their technological devices instead of attempting to make new acquaintances” (Song 1). The children should talk to people, not random kids in chat rooms.

The youth’s social values have certainly been destroyed by the overuse of technology. The child that is lonely and depressed could be your very own son or daughter. I will leave the choice up to you. Before you choose, remember this, what would be the best thing for today’s community.

The author's comments:
My timed writing on social skills and technology was one of my easy papers because I was given time to prepare for it. Although I was given two hours, preparing ahead of time really helped me. It only took me an hour to write it. Most papers take me days to write. The weakness was my outline, it was not detailed enough to help me a lot. The strength of my paper was the quotes because I was able to take several documents and use the quotes.

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