tech. good or bad

January 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Do you think 36,000 text messages per month are too much? One student named Rachel who lives in New Jersey runs her parent’s texting total up each month; her greatest total in one month is 36,000 text messages. Many parents explode at young teens because their technology habits create a very expensive bill. Many parents will take their kid’s phone so the bill will not get so high. So is all technology good or is it bad? Nevertheless, technology plays a big role in people’s social lives because it improves society and helps people with communication.

The iPod provides access to websites like Facebook, and to e-mail accounts. It also lets many people talk to others and play games; most importantly, people use it to listen to music. “Since music invokes such nostalgia within people this capability is extremely comforting and appealing.” (Song1) What she is saying is music makes people feel good and if you take that away that person may end up very depressed. Instant messaging offers a way that people can talk to friends, family and the community without a phone or paper mail. There are people, “Who claim that the iPod does more to unite people than it does to divide them.” (Harris1) It helps keep phone lines clear today to expand communication in an over-populated world. Instant messaging supplies many people with the ability to hold a conversation with many different people at once, which assists people in business meetings. For people separated by distance, “information can be transmitted and received with ease at any time of the day.” (Coget and Yutaka 1) The phone is not the only thing people have to use to connect to others. This helps the world because we can use instant messaging to connect to people from Japan or China faster and easier than other things. Facebook helps people meet up with old friends that they knew when they were a young kid but they have lost touch with them. Facebook also helps people voice their opinions about many different issues and ideas. People all over the world can understand the problems of other countries. In many ways, “The internet can foster openness, self-confidence, and a greater of ease and comfort in dealing with others.”(Coget and Yutaka1) This is saying that a person is going to feel more open on what they want to say to a person while they are on the internet.

Some people think that iPods are bad and hurts the kid’s social life. “ Visible from a good distance away white earphones signal one thing to most people: don’t bother to talk to me.”(Song1) An iPod makes some people feel happy and then some just want to listen to music. I have never read a law that a person cannot listen to music off an iPod. Listening to music does not hurt a kid’s social life if a person want to say something to them all they have to do is stop the music and start the conversation. When the conversation is over they can put their earphones back in and start listening to music. “ Data showed that as a people in this sample used the internet more, they are reported keeping up with fewer friends.”(Affonso1) First this is a logical fallacy called selective sampling. The only people you picked did not keep up with their old friends but is not saying the whole does that. That is what instant messaging was made for to keep up with your old friends. When you get on instant messaging that is what people want to do they want to talk to friends they care about and have a conversation with them. “The god of Technology does not appear interested in this function of schools.”(Postman1) There is a god of technology where is he what is he going to do if a person gets on Facebook. Will he zap them in the butt or poke them with his sword. There is no problem if a person gets on to Facebook to talk to a friend. So you think that technology should not be introduced to kid’s at a young age. Why not our world lives off of technology so why should they not know what how to work technology. Will make your little god mad will too bad =P.

Technology plays a big role in people’s social lives because it improves society and helps people with communication. IPod’s let people get on websites and listen to music at the same time. Instant messaging is used to connect to multiple friends at the same time and have one big conversation, which is good for meetings when all the people cannot make at that time or place. Facebook is also helpful when you want to meet up with old friend or make new one’s and to post your opinion on topics. So it is now are turn to get up and show all these people that technology is good and is useful for the world we live in today.

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