Affirmative action good or bad

January 12, 2010
By , houston, TX
Put yourself in the place of a person from a minority race or born in a small town trying to get into a college. Would you want affirmative action? Affirmative action is a system that gives extra points for kids that are minorities and born in a small town for their college resume. Many people believe in affirmative action because it will bring diversity into colleges. Just the other day I was watching television and saw a commercial for the University of Texas in which they were promoting diversity in their school. There are also many that believe that this system is not fair for the white students that do not get the points. These people call this reverse racism because the students are not being treated equally. So many points should not be given but affirmative action is good for giving us more diversity in our world.

I agree that affirmative action is good and brings more diversity to colleges but I think to many points are given to minorities and women. The white man get no points but the minorities and women get points because the are a women or they came from a small town. If there were a white man that came from a small town he would get no points. Minorities and women should not get so many points to make it fair for the white man. Some people call affirmative action reverse racism because it is being racist to the white man.

Diversity in colleges is a good thing it gives people that come from different races a chance go to a good school. This will also make the school look good because a person from a minority is going to want to go to a school were it is more than just white people and they have all the races. A kid from a minority is not going to want to got to school with all white kids because they will feel out of place with nobody from there race. Diversity is also good for the world because we need to have more than one race involved in our country.

Many people believe that points should be given to minorities and women and none to the white man. There is to many points given to the minorities and women and this is being racist to the white man. This put the white man at a disadvantage trying to get into a college because they are not getting any extra points. This is why I think fewer points should be given to minorities and women to give the white man a more level playing field. There are also people that say diversity in college is good I think diversity is good but sometimes people go to far and start accepting more minorities than white men. This makes the number of white people go down which is not fair to the white men. Schools should be diverse but they should be more equal with the races let in the school.

I believe affirmative action is good when not so many points given to minorities and women. It is important that minorities and women get extra points. Diversity is also a good thing to have in colleges because it makes the minorities and women more equal to white men. Now it is are turn to get up and go make are world more diverse and equal.

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