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January 12, 2010
By , houston, TX
Do you think kids should be tried as adults? Some people think that kids should be tried as adults and some think that they should not. Some people say that you know what is right and what is wrong and the kids should know what they are doing. Then there is some people who think they are too young and don’t know what they are doing so they should be tried as minors. Kids make mistakes and we need to be fair with the punishment that we give them.
I believe that kids are too immature to be tried as adults. Kids have not gone through the same experiences that adults have faced in their life. Some kids cannot control what they see everyday. Some kids see people killed everyday and they were never told that is wrong. Other kids because of anger or revenge because what has happened to them. Sometimes kids kill on accident while they were joking around or pulling a prank. Give the kids a chance to make their life better because everyone deserves a second chance.
If they try the kids as adults when they go to prison they are going to get worse because the adults there will tell more bad things to do when they get out of prison. Kids should have chance to go to rehab and get better. Why do these people want the kids to go to jail? There are adults who kill people that only serve a short sentence. When they say they want to try kids as adults what if that were your kid that killed somebody would you want them tried as an adult. When the people say kids should be tried, as adults I like that because the law say you are adult if you are eighteen years are adults why does that not affect the court system. We are kids not adults and there is a difference between them and we need to understand that.
Kids are kids and adults are adults and people need to understand that one cannot be tried as the others and that they are different in many ways. Now it is time to stand up and say we are different from adults and do not want to be charged as one. If they want to try kids as adults they should call us adults to. Kids want be fun and that is what being kid is about we will be an adult one day that day just does not have to be today.

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