God is now my Friend

January 11, 2010
“Mom! I don’t want to have to wait for Lerin to finish tutoring one of her retarded friends! If they are to stupid to get at least a “C” on their English test, why the heck are they at Houston Christian?” I angrily shouted. “Look, she is doing this for community service! Maybe when you get into high school, you might need tutoring! And do not say retarded!” my mom replied with a very frustrated look on her face. “I have homework to do!” I retaliated. “You can get it done in the car!” she replied back. As we pulled into the high school parking lot, I could feel the boredom creep up my spine like a spider that wasn’t actually there. It was a dull, cold, rainy day. The sky was a deep grey. It seemed that all excitement in the world was gone, like it was drained away. My mom parked near the front entrance of the high school. I could definitely notice that she was angry. “Okay, what are you going to work on first?” my mom asked. “I don’t know, I have to study for a Christian Ed. test, work on math homework, and write a short paragraph on why recycling is good for the environment.” “Ok, well do your math first and then write that paper.” I pulled out my math book and started the long, monotonous equations. I finally finished and pulled out some paper to start writing a paragraph on recycling. It only took me ten minutes to write the paper. I put that away and took out my Christian Ed. binder. Our class was studying the story about the wall of Jericho. Christian Ed. was not my favorite class. Our teacher was unbelievably boring! As I studied, I noticed that I was having trouble. “Mom, can you help me study?” I cautiously asked. She turned and looked at me with a bitter face. “Fine, hand it over.” My mom and I engaged into a gripping conversation about God’s love. I could gradually see my mom’s bitterness evaporate away. My mom went quiet for a few seconds. “Wes, would you like to become a Christian?” my mom asked. I was quiet. I didn’t know what to say. “Um, yes.” I finally answered. I closed my as my mom held my hand and started a blissful prayer. “Dear Lord, take Wes to be yours. Invite yourself into his heart and guide him and love him. We love you Lord. Amen.” As I opened my eyes, I could feel a blanket of love and warmth cover me. I felt changed. I was changed. I was a Christian now. My sister returned from the high school. She opened the car and tiredly sat down. “Hey mom, hey bud.” My sister said. “Hey hon. Wes has something to tell you.” I turned around and said, “Lerin, I’m a Christian now.” A loving smile formed on my sister’s face. She leaned forward and gave me hug.

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