Eco Friendly Cars = Free Parking

January 11, 2010
By JennaP GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
JennaP GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Clayton, a senior at Brookfield Central, started a new system for parking at his school. It’s known as the Green Space Initiative and it gives students free parking if they drive an eco-friendly car to school. The money that is usually paid by students will be collected from sponsors.
Sponsors who pay the required $300 a year, to cover the fee of the parking spot, receive advertisement on the GSI page and are encouraged to spread the message throughout their companies. The businesses are advertised to each individual (student, staff or employee) who becomes a part of the Green Space Initiative.
Clayton decided, after learning about the effects of his 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee on the environment that he was going to start driving a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid. He now gets about 30 more miles to the gallon. He reduced his gallons of carbon dioxide emission on his commute to school every year by 438 gallons.
To find a vehicle that qualifies for the GSI check the US Environmental Protection Agencies SmartWay Elite Vehicle List.
When Arrowhead students were asked about what they thought about this idea, the feeling was mostly mutual. Senior Megan said, “It’s a big price to pay to save the environment!”
By starting this initiative Clayton is helping keep the environment healthy.

The cars that are deemed acceptable are:

Toyota Prius

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Nissan Altima Hybrid

Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Civic C-this uses natural gas

Volkswagen TDI

Mercury Mariner Hybrid

Ford Escape Hybrid

Mazda Tribute Hybrid
There are other cars that are acceptable, but they need to specially check out.

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