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December 15, 2009
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Teen Life

Money is important in the life of teens, because we want the newest and best things, mom has bills and grandma’s out of work so it’s now time to go to work. I love money it is my friend from Benjamin to Franklin, down to Mr. Lincoln. The best thing of all is you make new friends each and everyday and if you work hard you can make money each and everyday. I know it’s hard for teens to find a job and it’s hard to make money but once the opportunity comes along my friend within would become our friends within, and we will come together and all be friends. The good thing about money is it speaks all languages it has no color, no religion, and no negative vibes. It helps you get what you want when you want it. Working is the key to getting money on your side so join me, get money on your side and become all teens dream. Having money to do what you want, getting to see your friends every week or every other week on play day is the best feeling of all. Although that feeling is a feeling of its own, you soon find out in order to feel that feeling you have to keep working, working and working. Your new friends get bigger and more and more of them stars coming but you realize that you soon don’t have time to get to use them because you are always working. You say it’s time to play, but you know if you miss work play day become comes just a payday and that play day gets shorter and shorter. You miss your old friends they invited you to a party just last week but you could not go, work got in the way. Your sweetheart wants to spend time with you but you know you can’t call off work, if you do your new friend Benjamin is going to become been so far away. You know in the end if you just stick it out to the end it would pay off in the end right, right? HOLD ON!! Football try outs are coming up in a few weeks you know you want to go out for the team but your sweetheart wants the perfect prom, so you can’t miss work decisions, decision. After all of the blood sweat and tears for my check I have my own money, spending my money where ever I think it needs to be spent. Now that you have the important of money the question is, is it worth it to you

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Artteacher said...
Jan. 17, 2010 at 2:39 pm
Wonderful! Definitely illustrates the dug and pull money has on your life...you hit it right on Chris!
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