Different is the new normal

December 15, 2009
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Many times in America and throughout the world, children as well as adults of different ethnicities are discriminated against because they’re “different.” People are ignorant and lack the knowledge to properly distinguish between normal and gifted. There is no exact definition of the word normal, if there was an exact definition then everyone would be the same. People mistake being gifted for being different. Different is just another word to keep the “different” feeling like they can’t achieve in life. The truth is that the “normal” people are really the weak ones, they put other people down because it makes them feel good about themselves.
The “different” people are the strong ones, they’re not afraid to show the person they really are. They know that they have a gift. The ability to be true to themselves is a gift in itself. A lot of times people are prejudice against things that they don’t know about. They’re afraid to try new things, but don’t want anything to do with the people that are “different” from them. The “different” people, who aren’t afraid to be themselves, are the people who travel the world and they explore and in the end of their ventures they are fraught with knowledge. They succeed in life, but some of the strong ones have the foible of believing the weak ones when they tell them you’re stupid and will never amount to anything.” Sometimes the people, who they love the most, are the people who hurt them the most. These people could be parents, siblings, aunts or uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc. Those are the people who won’t succeed and strangely enough the make the strong feel bad because they want them to follow in their footsteps.
The word “different” doesn’t define your character, being who you are defines your character. Being who you are could include lots of things. Whether you’re gay, straight, bisexual, black, white, Latino, have red hair, blue and green hair, or wear black nail polish, it’s a part of your character and it defines you. A lot of people think that your religion, culture, or where you come defines your character, but it doesn’t. It only tells what you believe it. Growing up, most people don’t have a choice about religion or culture, and can’t control where they come from, but that doesn’t mean that they should be judged, it should make them interested in learning about what other cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. It’s the inside person, not the outside person that defines our character, and if we go through life judging the outside person, then the world will never amount to anything because everyone will be too afraid of not being good enough and never amount to anything.

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