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December 15, 2009
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We need post office’s to stay around. If post office’s close down what would the people in communities do? If they close down then people would have to buy computers just to send mail, and also bills. Instead with the post offices we can just drive there pull up to the little box drop off your mail in and go on about your businesses and continue on with the day.

One reason is that everybody doesn’t have computers, and don’t know how to work them. If we put the mail in our mail boxes people might try to take it and if we went to the post office to mail something nobody can read it since we took it there. The computer is also unsafe because of hackers and viruses. A virus can shut down your whole system. Stamps cost 44 cents for someone to send something and for a computer you have to pay like 300 to 400 dollars just for one and plus the electric bill is going to be higher. It’s a lot for a computer and not a lot just to go to the post office and spend 44 cents.

This is why we need post offices to stay open to send important mail like packages, bills, and gifts to other people. The computer can’t do that but with the post office we can. If we get rid of the post office we can’t send anything like that and it would be bad for the people because everyone don’t have computer but we know were the post office is. That is why I think we need the post office.

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