A Collection of Conscious

December 14, 2009
By mgaragoz BRONZE, Menlo Park, California
mgaragoz BRONZE, Menlo Park, California
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A clear conscience is your softest pillow. My math teacher makes us stare down this quote as we place our tests down on the “finished chair”. It’s there to remind us not to cheat. Because if we cheat we are completely f*****. If we cheat we get a fat zero on that test. If we cheat it goes on our permanent record. If we cheat we can’t get into college and we can’t succeed. So why is there such a temptation to just turn to your neighbor and ask, “Hey, what is the answer for number 27? I forgot how to do it”. This lying temptation is there because we are rigorously pushed, pushed to do the best. The best doesn’t necessarily mean our best, it means better than everyone else. We cheat because we want to get into college and because we want to succeed in life.

So sure, you may not get the best sleep cause you cheated, but hey; you’re gonna live in a mansion with as many sleep aides as you need until you get that good sleep.

Today society only needs money to buy sleep. Who needs morality when you’re the best? We learn this from cultural society today. A celebrity can be drinking underage and not get in trouble. A celebrity is often prided on their lack of propriety rather than scolded for their drug and illegal substance abuse. Even in our school we find children with wealthy families “getting away” with breaking the rules. So who needs morality when you’ve got status to drop the whole ordeal?

It’s basketball season once again. The team is on a roll this year. The six man crew is out there making some noise, better than if they were outside the gym making the raucous. They’re just a bunch of low lives trying to make the best out of their high school careers. A couple of them leave the game – going to Cuesta to get f***** up. They’ll come back later; it makes for a better cheer section they think. They just need a DD, the one person who will stay away from all the s*** that’s about to go down. They choose the most qualified man for the job, the guy with the most connections at the school, and then they are off. Boozed up and gettin’ high the boys realize they can’t go back. The DD is running around the park so far gone that some of the other boys are probably more sober than he is. But, the DD is also the only one who could get away with driving drunk. So the DD hops into his car, but his buddies decide to walk the high off. The DD drives off, but not for long as his drunken, high, sorry a** winds up crashing into a telephone poll. The DD ends up standing for a Drunk driver, rather than a designated one. His totaled car sits, squashed and steaming. The ambulance comes to rescue him from his unconscious fate. The 18 year old DD is now completely f*****. An unclear conscious of illegal substances in his blood and a medical bill to top it off, all he needs now is a warrant to go to jail for underage drinking and driving under the influence. And he still has to deal with the school. Technically he should be expelled, but who knows with this school. His mother working on campus and his parents donating money every which way, he was as good as gold, solid; there was no way he could ruin his chances, even with jail time on his record. The next school day the DD showed up. With small warrior wounds on his forehead he reminded the entire school that they couldn’t f*** with the DD.

It’s a new school year. The school is rid of all the bad eggs, so they think. The campus is quiet with the feeling of new opportunities, of new chances, of a new year. Within the first month a large drug bust occurs on campus. Two people are expelled. Three suspended. One saved from the dramatic fate that is punishment. The three expelled had no real connection to the school. Just the regular low lives that think they are walking on sunshine (and are “walking” on sunshine) but then they fall to an all time low when someone finds out that it’s not really sunshine that they are “walking” on. The three suspended, just regular kids at school. The ones that have never previously encountered trouble at school and the ones that confessed to how encumbersome drugs have been on their lives. The one saved from punishment, well, he was the one who had it all. Status at the school. Relationships with the deans. Parents who make lots of money, and who donate a ton of it to the school. It was interesting to find that the kids’ role and parents’ role on campus helped establish the rules for discipline.

Britney Spears: teen dream, soda pop queen. Making it big in the world because she has a shot. Not necessarily talent, cause she hasn’t got much of that, but she has the body to prove that she is all good. Her ability to glamour and glitz up has proven that you can easily distract an audience with mirrors and smoke instead of performing with actual musical talent. Britney knows how to razzle dazzle an audience. However, on the other side of this, she is also deterring people from finding out about her real life: her drug twisted and psychotic life. Her immoral, floozy, and illegal ways have caused her to actual excel in her career. This is because she sugar coats the ugly truth by saying, “it’s okay to shave your head once you give birth to a baby, because that way no one will have proof that you are a horrible mother on drugs so they can’t take your new born away!” But still Britney Spears has sold over 26 million copies of her albums in the past decade. But still Britney Spears remains the golden one, with everything handed to her on a silver platter. But still Britney Spears is congratulated for her dirty conscious.

So the world is filled with cheats and liars. Big companies that steal millions just to make a buck. Stars that remain immoral so they can be just as popular as ever. Students who can get away with anything because of their higher ranks at school. So how do they sleep knowing they are the world’s biggest jokes, the world’s biggest thieves of conscious, the world’s biggest agitator of hate? They sleep because they are the ones making the money, they are the ones who are popular, and they are the ones who have nothing to worry about. So why am I the one to suffer from such unjust ideas as: a clear conscious you’re softest pillow? I don’t think so. My conscience may not be clean at times, but hey, I’m sure gonna rest easy.

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