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December 14, 2009
My mom worked at this place where she had to cook, clean, dress basically takes care of the elderly for about 3 years. She loved it, but she didn’t like the people that where in charge so quit her job and she didn’t have one for a while. So me and my sisters and brothers wasn’t able to get things we wonted any more ex: jordens, toys, games and really things we didn’t need, but she just got us any ways cause she had the money at the time. Then plus my dad went to jail for about 4 years .At first my brothers and I didn’t care cause we was getting everything we wonted even if he didn’t make it to see us or even speed time with us he dropped off things like money, clothes and shoes so we didn’t care cause we basically had everything we wonted before he went. Well when he went it was like f*** it, before my dad went to jail he was the type that had lots of clothes and shoes. If his shirt was coogie then his pants had to be coogie or he wouldn’t wear it, and his shoes had to match it along with his socks.Hes a very showy, show off type of person.Hes a very vain, self conscious and also conscientious. He was very loud ,fast life person who knew everybody and everybody knows him, until he went to jail now he is very melody,mute,layed back person who loves to give people life speeches, but don’t mess with his family cause then it’s really another story.

I walked around mad and very hurt because he was gone, out of my life, token from me and just gone. I wished he was there with us the times he was gone from us, I didn’t realize what we was doing to him until the end when I got older in age to understand what he was going though to get these things we wanted ,and we wasn’t the ones going to work every day working hard.
I remember when my brothers and I used to go with him and we would just go with him because we already knew we was going to get something, and when we didn’t we wanted to go home and it was f him he didn’t get us none so and we wouldn’t talk to him unless he came back with something we wonted ex:shoes, outfit, or at least some money but not no $5 at had to be about $15 to $20.Then I use to focus on my dad bring me and buying me things that ,I didn’t even focus on his love and care he had for me, but now I know that his love is better than material things and that it’s not good to be bought.
I didn’t see why he won’t to or would do something like that us, but just image your parents all ways wont the best and the newest for you. Then they won’t you to have everything, but we just took it in a childish and wrong way, we didn’t appreciate the things he was doing until he was gone. In the end I felt embarrassed and very sorry because my mom didn’t raise me like that, to love someone just because they got money or they can but me material things, she taught me to love that person for who they are and not what they can buy me.
I realized that tough times can make you stronger, I also learned that you can survive adversity with the help of your friends and mostly family learned that in the end you can’t buy peoples love you have to just love them for them and not there money. It was an important lesson for me because now I know don’t buy my kids, friends, family, and boyfriends love because it would be harder on you because if you don’t have it or if you can’t get it.
This whole experience made me look at life and a different way, ex; all people don’t have two parents, everything, and but everything for there kids. So whatever you have you should enjoy it to the fullest ,because it can all be taken away when it’s not or less expected .Life is not always easy and there always going to be hard and downs, you have to coral before you walk.

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