A Perfect Neighborhood

December 26, 2009
I’ve once dreamt of a neighborhood where everything was perfect. In my dream, my point of view was as if I was standing out in the middle of the perfect street, where I could see a row of perfect houses, all the same size, about two stories tall, all a dazzling white. The white shutters were perfectly straight. In front of each perfect house was a perfect sized lawn. The lawns were all the same shape, size, and the most beautiful emerald green, cut perfectly, of course. The sidewalk that separated the lawns and street was the color of normal sidewalks, but perfect. No cracks, no black spots where gum had been stepped on once to many. The sky in the back round was a breathtaking baby blue, not a cloud in the sky.

I know I said the word ‘perfect’ in this description of my dream, but I don’t know how else to describe it. Do you know a better word? And do you think this dream means something? If so, please give me your input.

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