Letter To My Beloved

January 2, 2010
By , Carthage, NC
Dear Love,
Oh how I’ve missed you love; I still long for you despite the fact that you seem to have given up on me entirely. If I were so cruel, I might tell you the truth, I might tell you how much I need you. But you’re happy with him, and he’s so much better than me so I think I’ll just let you be. Every day is a living he11 for me. I get up and see your face smiling beautifully at me from the memory of the previous night’s dream. I sigh, roll out of bed, and start my day. Every minute I have is spent thinking about you with your glorious green eyes. All of the songs I used to sing to you to put you to sleep make me want to cry, but I can’t do that; that would be breaking the rules. I call you and every conversation I hear his name preceded by the words, “I love.” Every night I lay in bed on the phone with you while the tears steal silently down my cheeks. From the first time I heard his name, I knew this was going to happen and yet I still let it. I knew you would choose him and leave me alone. I who have waited longer than any sane person would, I who have loved you beyond a shadow of a doubt; it was I who you left. Do you remember our first kiss? Do you remember the fire coursing through both of us then? I guess not or maybe you would’ve chosen me... I still love you and always will; the difference is that now I have to hide. Now I have to love you alone. So tonight instead of crying silently to myself while you're on the phone, I'll sob openly because you arent there. You hung up on me for him. It's too bad you'll never read this. Signed,
The Faithful

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Jatavion said...
Jan. 9, 2010 at 10:55 pm
Hey guys :)
I know that posting something anonymously a purpose behind it, and I also know that purpose is defeated by admitting that you wrote it, but oh well.
I wrote this in reference to my best friend. I reall appreciate you guys taking the time to read my letter, but I was wondering if I could ask for a little more time for your comments? Thanks a bunch even if you decide not to comment :)
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