December 31, 2009
July 17, 2009 was a normal day for me until the tragedy...
i sat there talking to my friend just looking outside the window.the sky was turning gray and i was oblivious to what would happen in the next hour or so. the rain was getting heaver and my father was becoming worried, so he told me to get off the phone and stay by him. we stood there next to the back door just listen to the scary thunder. there was one thing about storms that freaks me out, and that would be thunder, although in the future there would be something even scarier... After a while my daddy and i gave up looking at the hard falling rain and instead we sat a the kitchen bar. we talked for 5 min. and then disaster struck. literally. at the same time there was a blinding light and a huge boom. i screamed and covered my ears.the fire alarms were going crazy. i was in shock. i couldn't move. while i sat trying to control my brethe my dad was searching the house for fire. there was no smoke so i calmed down because me and my dad did not see a threat. but right after he came downstairs i saw it. there was in orange glow coming from one of the air vents and then we new. the house was on fire.

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