Great Wall of Chocolate

December 11, 2009
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It’s called the Great Wall of Chocolate. Found in its natural habitat at PF Changs, it’s monstrous, huge, and well, great. Coming in at a whopping zero point five pounds, this cake is suitable to serve up to six. This cake, is smothered with a fluffy, yet distinct, icing, lavished in morsels and shavings of chocolate chips. When it is placed on the table in front of you, it doesn’t come alone. Doubt pops a squat right next to you. You begin to contemplate whether or not you will be able to do it alone. You were hungry for this, but now you question yourself? Can you do this? The feat seems unfathomable. Like climbing Mount Everest. How will your stomach have room? Will your stomach produce enough hydrochloric acid to break down cake molecules?
You run over the pros and cons list in your head.
It’s going to taste so good. It is going to stop the rumbling in your tummy. The chocolate will be sooooooo sweet as it’s crushed and mashed against the taste buds on your tongue; like a grand finale of fireworks in your mouth. THE CONS! You might explode! You will definitely have to dispose of it later…ew. You might look unattractive to the opposite sex; munching down on a huge piece of chocolate and all. You could very well look like a fatty. Honestly though, who cares? You ordered it for a reason; consumption!
You decide your best plan of attack is with four prongs. You take a hold of your weapon. It’s light, yet sturdy; it looks unbalanced, but is formidable nonetheless and does its job dutifully. The cold metal slices through like a hot knife through butter. You cram the alcoholic fermented pastry into your mouth. Instant heavenly bliss. You go for a second bite, but you look around and she’s got that look on her face. Oops… You did a naughty naughty thing. The cocoa flavored treat has you on a high. Then it hits you.

You forgot to share.

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