Another Universe [Free Writing]

December 10, 2009
By , Greeley, CO
Whether I'm watching my favorite show or reading my favorite book, the same question always crosses my mind. What if...every character ever created; was breathing, walking, somewhere?
What kind of world would they live in? All characters living in an upside down universe; living amongst each other all so different. What they all have in common that they don't know about is that they were actually created by us. Living in this universe you see characters from all sort of things; like Disney, Marvel, Family Guy, or even a vampire from a book. All these characters know they look so different from one another yet they appreciate it. It makes things more real to them. Can you imagine how they live?
What kind of things do they do for entertainment? I could only imagine what kind of things they watch, games they play, what they do for a living. For example, if Shrek lived next door to Stewie Griffin; how diverse. Stewie is overly obsessed with trying to overtake the world and hold all the power imagineable in his own hands. Shrek is an ogre living in stench! I wonder if they would watch television and have famous characters making lots of money acting. What if they can see everything happening in our world and know who they are and why they are there? Where would this other universe be?
If I were to write a book about a young boy trying to find his way in the world and he decides to travel and become a huge opera singer; in this other universe it's actually happening to my character. But it's his life. Everything I write in this notebook is real somewhere; just like it is real for everybody else that ever created a character.
What would you write about?

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