Super Woman

December 14, 2009
She’s the theater teacher. She’s the One Act Play director. She’s the dance team sponsor. She’s the Children’s Production director. She’s the supervisor of prom. This woman’s name is Sally Maxey. I am proud to classify her in the same category as super woman. Mrs. Maxey is one of the most involved teachers I know, and every time I see her she always has a bright smile on her face.

I have had the honor of working under the direction of Mrs. Maxey the past two years. My junior year in high school I was an officer of Junior Pride, and we were in charge of prom for the high school. Without the help of Mrs. Maxey we would not have been able to accomplish as much as we did. She had a vision, and, with her organization, we were able to recreate the school in a way so that it was completely unrecognizable. It was gorgeous. This year will be Mrs. Maxey’s third year to supervise prom. This time-stealing job takes a lot of patience, confidence, and organization, and she has been able to portray these attributions of her character beautifully.

Mrs. Maxey has also been the sponsor of the Jacket Dancers for two years and has been in charge of the One Act Play students, the Children’s Production students, and the introduction to theater students for several years. She has taken on more jobs than the average person can cope with, and she does them all exceptionally. She takes care of her students as if they were her own children and always shows patience in a way that makes everyone have enormous amounts of respect for her. In addition to volunteering in school, she has also volunteered to direct church Christmas plays in her spare time. Mrs. Maxey has a heart filled with joy, and she always knows how to make the day brighter.

Mrs. Maxey has helped me tremendously the past year with the high school dance team. I am currently the captain of the team, and without Mrs. Maxey I probably would not be able to survive. She keeps me calm when the team is getting out of control, and she does her best to keep peace among us when there is a disagreement. She plans fun trips for us, and she always has a positive attitude no matter what is thrown her way. She has influenced me in so many ways and taught me how to be a leader this year, and I am so grateful for her. Mrs. Maxey is truly an amazing lady, and I am so happy I have gotten to know her the past couple of years.

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