Boys and Girls

November 24, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever thought if girls are different then other girls or like boys are different then other boys?

There’s boys that are different then other boys. Why I say that is, because there’s boys that are honest and there’s boys that are liars. Then there goes the style of clothes, well some dress all ugly and bad, and some dress all skater or even all gangster. But there’s boys that just come up with their own style like mixing up the other style of clothes. Or some dress all preppy.

Well girls are also different then other girls. For example some are just snotty or girly or even girls try to act like guys. Then there is girls with their style. Girls these days are dressing like skaters, ugly and bad, or gangster and preppy or even girly. But don’t just think guys have their own style well so do girls they mix all styles up and come out with a new style. So pretty much no one is the same in this world because everybody is different.

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