Lisa: A Life Cut Short

December 10, 2009
By Kelle Landix BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
Kelle Landix BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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We are gathered here today to honor the life of a dear, beloved friend who has had a special place in our hearts ever since we first heard her cheerful ringtone. I still remember when Lisa entered our lives on that glorious day in January, that’s when I knew my world would never be the same again. Oh, has it only been a year and a half ago!?!? I feel as if I have spent a lifetime with her— ah, so many captivating memories have we all shared with her in such a small amount time. I knew from the beginning that Lisa was a strong individual when her life was almost ended at the start of her journey. She nearly drowned when she fell into the deep waters of a treacherous swimming pool. She was knocked unconscious almost on impact, but she was a fighter! She endured this traumatic experience with the vigor I have seen matched by no other. Although she persevered through this harrowing event, her battle was not over yet. Later on in life, her mind started to fail her. She would drop a call every now and then or she would forget what she was supposed to be doing, but we thought that she would continue to fight because her will was strong. Unfortunately, Lisa lost her long-time struggle with Alzheimer’s and died; but we will remember her for what she was before this terrible disease took its toll on her jovial spirit: a loyal friend, a great listener, a reliable cell phone. Lisa, I hope you are exhibiting pure euphoria in cell phone heaven; because if there were anyone who deserved a peaceful end to a troubling life, it should be you. Good-bye for now my friend.

The author's comments:
This is a paropdy piece that one of my friends asked me to write for cell phone's "funeral."

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