Thanksgiving Dinner

December 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Thanksgiving dinner is one of those dinners that is looked forward to every year. On that fourth Thursday of November, one knows that there will be salivating food on the shiny table just waiting to be eaten. The feeling is the same every year at the end of the dinner as well. One never knew it was possible to fill their empty stomach with so much food. It feels like bricks have just been stuffed inside your stomach to the point where one can’t hold them self up anymore.
When family starts arriving through the white double doors of the house, there are wooden tables that are set up in the cozy living room. They have crunchy snacks on them to hold the hungry guests over while they wait for their delicious dinner to be ready. Everyone is sitting comfortably around on the couches talking to each other. The kids are bunched together as well as the adults. The adults drink their cold beer and dark colored wine while lounging around. If one steps into the dining room, they will see a glass table covered with a patterned black tablecloth and another table that has been folded out and connects to the first one. Since there are so many people, two tables are needed in order to fit everyone. A similar tablecloth is placed over the second table as well. Shiny silver wear is in the place of each empty chair where someone will eventually be sitting. They are the type only used for special occasions so they are patterned. There is also another wooden side table in this room where all of the bubbly soda will be located. If one goes into the kitchen, they will see a mother and a grandmother diligently preparing the food. They want to get the food ready as fast as possible so that the starving guests may eat. There is a fresh turkey being carved by the mother and the grandmother who is preparing hot soup for the guests.
Everyone is called in to sit around the table because the food is ready. The grandmother goes around and asks who wants soup and almost all of the guests respond cheerfully accepting. When it is placed in front of you it is steaming and you notice some orange carrots and curly noodles. Within a few minutes, the white bowl is empty and it is taken away. The first item that comes out of the delicious smelling kitchen is the thanksgiving turkey. It has been cut into small pieces and is passed around the table so that each person can take some of the traditional thanksgiving turkey. The warm, tasty gravy is brought at the same time so make the turkey moister. Next, the meatballs are placed on the table carefully, they are saucy and grandma’s special recipe. The whole family loves her meatballs and no one can make them as good as hers. They just have a certain taste to them that is mouth watering. The noodle pudding is next to come out of the kitchen. It has its golden color and the few crunchy pieces on top that some of the guests like think of as the best part. It has a small cinnamon flavor to it. It is also one of the family’s all time favorites. The dish that the younger kids find gross and don’t know what is in it or what it is called comes out and they have no desire to eat it. Then the squishy potato pudding is passed around. It is delicious and salivating. Lastly, the orange sweet potato pie is served. The melted white marshmallows on the top are the best part for the children and they do not care for the mushy potato part. The people serving come to sit down and join everyone in their feast that they have been longing for all day.
When it is time for dessert, the family is stuffed more than a teddy bear is stuffed. They ignore this satisfying but uncomfortable feeling because they want the unhealthy desserts. There is the warm, crisp apple pie is in the middle of the table. It is almost gone by the end of the night. There is also an intense chocolate cream pie that is not as tasty as the apple but it is still delicious. Lastly, the mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies are on the table. They have the huge chocolate chunks and they are nice and soft. When they go in your mouth you don’t want to ever finish it because it is so yummy. Everyone put way to much food on their plate and the family always says at the end how they bought too much dessert. The adults drink hot coffee with milk with their dessert. The milk turns the coffee a light brown color. After, the family goes back into the living room on the comfy tan couch and decides that they cannot move.
Eventually everyone goes home when they gain some of their energy back and are finished talking. The guests leave through the same with double doors that they came in and return to their cars parked on the edge of the curb of the street. On the somewhat long drive home, they think about how they don’t want to eat tomorrow or the next day and that they do not want to weigh themselves on the truthful scale when they get home.

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