Red Rum and Opiates

December 9, 2009
By Marla Feld BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
Marla Feld BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
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“BREAKING NEWS”, flashed on my T.V. Monday night while I was watching my nine o’clock episode of Gossip Girl. The news memo continued on, informing the public about a demented criminal on the loose who was up to many felonious activities that could put him in jail for a myriad of years. The felonious activities he participated in were twisted! The criminal amalgamated opiates with his thirst for murder. The felon had injections of opiate and injected them into various victims. Once they instantly fell asleep, he then took a honed knife, slits their throats and throws the decomposed remains in various places around town. Police have found eight unidentified, dead bodies and they aren’t sure if the victims were targeted or murdered at random. The police are also calling this criminal Poppy, since opiate comes from the poppy plant and because they are not sure who he is.

Many days went by until I heard any news about Poppy and the multiple crimes he committed until one night when the commercial came on informing the public that: “The Alleged Poppy was spotted but not found, tune in at ten o’clock for more details!”

About forty – five minutes later I tuned in on channel six. A funny looking elder woman was on and she was being interviewed. Her name was Tally Fink, she looked like she had been in a tanning bed too long which is what I think made her appear older than she actually was. She was wearing a vibrant shade of red on her lips and had a little bit of lipstick leftover on her snaggletooth. Her hair looked like a bird took residence and made it their final home, except that her hair was so blonde it looked basically white.

“…and he gorged down the burger and drank thes red rum with a lots of speed. It was so gross!” I only caught her in the middle of what she was saying because sadly enough I was focusing on her appearance and her very strong New York accent. She continued on, “When he got up, he didn’t pays, and I tries to ask him fors the money but he then told me he would kill me! I turns to my partner with a face of confusion. When I did my partner leaped up because Poppys was about to injected me with some of that injection stuffs. Poppy ran away before we was able to calls the cops.”

It was very difficult trying to listen to Ms. Tally Fink. She had such poor grammar for such an older person. I thought about it and figured it was okay though since she worked in the basically antiquated diner her whole life. After the interview ended, a sketched caricature flashed onto the T.V screen for a minute or two. The caricature portrayed Poppy as dirty, run-down, big eared guy. He had a scar on his left cheek and his face was disproportional.

Now that the police actually had an idea of who they were looking for, they stopped dallying around, in and out of doughnut shops, and started doing their crime fighting jobs. About a week went by and the public was soon informed again about Poppy. The police figured out who he was. His name was Peter “Poppy” Bishop and they knew who it was because one of the police officers knew him from high school.
One day the police beleaguered around his apartment building with no possible escape routes for Peter “Poppy” Bishop to get out from, five policemen and one police lady went to his room knocked on his door, and they got him. Peter “Poppy” Bishop was then escorted to the police car and brought to jail. Peter Bishop was sentenced to jail for 236 years which meant that he would probably die before he could leave the eerie, iron barred prison. s the great Oscar Wilde epigram goes, “Murder is always a mistake - one should never do anything one cannot talk about after dinner.”

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