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December 9, 2009
By meggers SILVER, San Angelo, Texas
meggers SILVER, San Angelo, Texas
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I was 3 years old when CPS or (child protective services) decided that my parents werent sutible to take care of to toddlers. Which now i completly agree because they abused me an my lttle bro but....i dont really remember them so its all good.
After CPS took us away they gave us to my grandparents then bout 6 months later took us away from them and put us into a childrens shelter. All because they thought to people in there late 50's couldnt take care of a 3and 4 year old. My little brother and i lived in the shelter for 3 yrs. Then CPS finnaly found a foster care home availible for us. I lived for 3 yrs. My little brother lived there for 2 years then was sent to a boys ranch. I was so mad when they sent him there. On my tenth birthday my caseworker fromCPS told me that they had found me and my little brother a home. I was acctually gonna get parents. I was so thrilled. i am now adopted and have been for 8 yearsd it seems like i belong inthis family. They all excepted me so well. I finnaly had the void i haad been missing filled.

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to let people kno me

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