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December 8, 2009
By Hope-in-life PLATINUM, Hutto, Texas
Hope-in-life PLATINUM, Hutto, Texas
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"too many of us stay walled up because we are afraid of being hurt.we are afraid to care too much for fear that the other person doesn't care at all "

life smacks you in the face hard. its unforgiving to the blind.
yeah i said it said the thoughts that have been surging through human veins since Eve broke the rule and ate the apple since we were punished and subjected to the after math the cruel monster in Pandora's box .
i mean come on
what is the POINT we spend our whole lives looking to please our senses
we have to "feel" the love
we have to "see" that they care
and we are constantly subjected to their words and we"hear" the half truths
and im asking
why do we torture our souls like this?
what is the point if even the happy grew sad and the love that was once so proud dies ?
why do go through all the pain again and again and again?

is it because we have hope? is it because our faith has yet to run out?
and what if what if the faith dies just like the pride what are you left with when you have no faith

........... NOTHING just like when the last coal burns out and there is NO fire left...

but please dont nod your heads in agreement because it is the faith i have decided to look for because mine has run out and im tired of feeling the dark empty hollow spaces of my chest beat for NO reason.

the question now is where do you find the strength to search for the faith
and where in this world is the faith hiding .

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