A Night at Stage Crew

December 8, 2009
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As the work lights turn on, they light up the entire stage, like a flash of lightening lights up the midnight sky. Mr. Miller scurries around trying to find jobs for everyone. The task he assigns Will, Nick, and Sam: putting up a flat on the set. Sam and Will waste no time in lifting the flat into place. However, they begin to struggle, as if an anvil were dropped onto the flat. They begin to groan and grunt, like weightlifters in the Olympics. After a few more grunts, and some added assistance from Alex, the flat is finally lifted into place. Will grabs the screwdriver and grinds the screw through the flat and into the ground. Snap! The screw splits in two and the flat collapses to the ground. Thwack! Will and Sam again must muster up all their muscle to lift the flat back into place. The flat is lifted up again, but not without some aid from others. Will is an Olympic sprinter as he dashes to get the bolts. He sprints back, gracefully, like a deer. Sam frantically bolts down this monstrosity, like a mad man. Afterwards, Will and Sam subside into the prop beds. Thankfully the wall stands its ground, towering above everyone.

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