December 4, 2009
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When you enter an aroma that stimulates your senses welcomes you. Every time you inhale, your mouth begins to water and your stomach grumbles because it likes what it feels. However with every bit of satisfaction in life you must have patience. The waiting period varies with each hour of each day. On some days you can come right in and get what you want, and on other days you have to wait anywhere from a minute to possibly an hour. However long the wait, it’s truly worth it. You say what you want, how you want it, and you get it just the way you asked. Even though there are many different options, everyone comes here for the same thing. Once you order what everybody else orders, you become compelled to the beauty of such a simple thing.

To begin with, the color is perfected just like it was above in the picture on the menu. The golden brown covers the entire exterior with no flaws, as if the color was gently painted on it. The texture is extremely crisp and looks tender to the touch. It’s extremely fragile, and the slightest touches can make a small piece of the exterior fall off. The crunch of it is out of this world. Once you attack it, the tender exterior gives way to a juicy interior. It’s like the best of both worlds. When you take a look at the damage you have just done, you notice red spots sandwiched between the crunchy exterior and the juicy interior. Moments later your mouth begins to burn. The red spices hidden inside hits like a surprise attack in the middle of the night. They hold a party inside of your mouth and they don’t care what happens. The only thing to do is take something cold to drink and relieve the mouth of the blazing feeling. Once the blaze is gone, a compelling sensation falls down to go for the ride again. The challenge is accepted and there is a battle between the senses and the mysterious red spots inside. Victory is accomplished by what’s left in the basket. Who will win the battle? Who will win the war?
Things that are not even on the same extraordinary level as its authority accompany the primary presentation. The thought of a sidekick to a big famous superhero comes to mind. The sidekicks are satisfying; however they are not as satisfying as the superhero that they are trying to accompany. They seem very plain and normal. Sometimes one is even cold. They do however add a sense of delicacy to the superhero. They make the hero seem less barbaric. It’s similar to a caveman that likes to eat his vegetables instead of acting uncivilized while eating a buffalo. They make the hero seem complete even though the hero does not need the sidekicks at all to be successful. The only reason the sidekicks are accepted is because they are part of the order that was requested.
It is said by most that a superhero is nothing without a great sidekick. Did those who spoke of this think about Superman? He is one of the best solo superheroes in the business. There is a new hero being born among us. His powers supply energy and nutrients to the human body. He is the next big solo act. His name is Popeye.

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