Somebody that can Inspires us

December 11, 2009
By Anonymous

Do you have anybody that inspires you? Someone that inspires me is Brian Dawkins. He is one of the best safeties in the NFL.

I am an 8th grade student that watches a lot of sports and I heard some football players say he is a nice guy off the field but not on the field. Brian Dawkins is an emotional player, who is happy and build houses for people who need them. He helps the community like 50% of the time or maybe more.

Brian Dawkins is a free safety on the Denver Broncos and is 36 years old and he is still as tough as any player in the NFL. He has started in every game except one in his entire career. Helping the community is no big deal like building houses or donating millions of dollars to hospitals. There are million reasons Brian Dawkins inspires me like he demonstrates how good he is on the field and off the field and I bet he inspires other people too. Alphonso Smith is a rookie from the Broncos said, “I’m glad to work with veterans like Bailey and Dawkins in the backfield.”

Brian Dawkins used to be on the Philadelphia Eagles and is a 7 time Pro Bowler.

In the community the Broncos and Dawkins is part of the NFL play 60 and so is every team in the NFL.

When I see Brian Dawkins on the TV it is usually good. Never once when I saw him on the TV it was something really bad. The last time I saw him on the TV he donated money the a children’s hospital.

I think it is good that he is still playing because he shows that anybody could play sports if they try and other people show that too and the old, the young, and the disabled can play any sports too.

Brian Dawkins got nominated last year for the Home Depot MVP which is an award for helping the community and that is what he did.

When I watched football (NFL) I rarely see anybody break out of any of his tackles. In the games Madden he is a hard hitter which means he causes a lot of fumbles. Even he doesn’t get that much interceptions he still makes a lot of tackles and right now he has 82 tackles that is more than some linebackers and he only played in 12 games.

Laughing, joking, babbling, is what you could see after a win from Brian Dawkins and the Denver Broncos.

He sometimes participate in charity events to help raise money or help the community.

Brian Dawkins inspires me by the examples I said. Also he helps the community a lot and he is really good in the NFL since football is one of my favorites sports.

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