The Power Of Evil

November 29, 2009
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Have you experience the horror of watching your best friend being gunned down right in front of your eyes and knowing there is nothing you can do about it. The pain of enduring that is just unexplainable. To see his face go from joy to utter shock. To see him freeze, the look of despair. You know you are so close to him and yet he is so far away. It really makes you think. The evil that is within a single human is so incredible that it will change your life forever.

There is a book that should definitely resembles Every One is Evil. The title of the book is quite popular. It is Twilight. There was a particular part in the book were Bella the star of the book was walking down a dark alley and some college kids tried to beat her. This is Bella talking with one of them, “Stay away from me, I warned in a voice that was supposed to sound strong and fearless. But I was right about the dry throat… no volume. Don’t be like that sugar, he called.” (Meyers, page 161) At that time about six other kids were surrounding her. One would prefer not to talk about what was supposed to happen. What they could’ve happened would’ve been Evil. Now when those kids aren’t intoxicated they’re really nice kids, but in this situation they are pretty drunk. This proves that even if someone isn’t regularly evil that person still have the capacity for it. Alcohol is one of the things that will pull it out of you. Another event that happened in Twilight is when Edward rescues Bella from the college kids. This seems like a good thing. Well it is. What is bad is what he is thinking of doing to those boys. He says, “It wouldn’t be helpful for me to turn around and hunt down those . . . , At least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself” (Meyers, 164)
Over all Edward is a fairly decent dude, but he has and always will have evil in him. It would not be worth it to go back there and rip those kids apart (literally) but he is thinking about it because of that hidden evil. In the final chapters of this book Bella gets into a situation were there is an evil Vampire who is out for blood. He decides to completely crush Bella’s leg just for his own entertainment. It’s not the type of evil a regular person might commit. This guy stretches it to the limits. This is What Bella recalls, “he was over me at once, his foot stepped down hard on my leg, and I heard a sickening snap before I felt it. But then I did feel it, I couldn’t hold back my scream; he was standing over me smiling.” (Meyers, 450). This action shows that this character is cruel beyond belief. The crazy part is that there are people just like this vampire out there.

There are many movies in which this theme is displayed. One of those that definitely portrays this is The Lord of the Rings (The fellowship of the ring) written by J.R.R, Tolkien. The over all story line of this movie shows the theme so clearly it is basically written in the summary. The lead character’s name in this story is Frodo Baggins. Frodo lives in a place called the Shire. One day Frodo was passing through the Shire with a wizard whose name is Gandalf. A bunch of tiny kids pleaded for magical fireworks. Gandalf being a nice old man could not say no. When he let them off an old man started laughing. But when his wife came out she scolded him for it. She was a very old bitter woman who over time was turned evil. Now this isn’t some horrible event that happened. This is just something that an everyday person would commit. But over time this women was turned evil. Another item on the list is a far greater form of evil. A ring with a long dark history found by Bilbo Baggins on one of his journeys. Over the course of many years this ring took over Bilbo’s sub-conscious. The ring was making him more and more evil with every year that passed. Bilbo freaks out when Gandalf was trying to help him by taking the ring away. The evil in the ring completely obliterated Bilbo’s mentality. The ring drew out the evil in Bilbo. In the movie Bilbo says, “It’s mine I found it, it is my right to keep it! You just want it for your self!” The ring brought out the selfishness in Bilbo. People do not just act evil. Particular things in there life create and draw out that evil. All of the evil in this world has been forged like this ring by a dark creator so cruel so malice just like in this movie. A dark king by the name of Saron deceived all kinds of creatures when he forged a ring of power that ruled over all the other rings he had given out. This one ring ruled them all. The movie opens to a voice documenting how the ring was made, “All of then were deceived, deep in the fires of mount. Doom, the dark lord forged a master ring to control all others. And into this ring he poured his cruelty, his malice, and his will to dominate” It is incredible what one person can create just by using his own evil. One person is capable of blinding thousands of people and making them follow him. One person can twist words and meaning to his liking and control the minds of thousands of people. That is the power of evil and it is insanity how powerful it is. All of the evil in this world has been forged like this ring by a dark creator so cruel so malice that he wanted to make so many people blind to what is really going on. This thing is trying to torture every living soul on this planet just like in this movie. Most movies are not what they seem

There is a man in history that has done exactly as what was just said in the previous paragraph. This man was described to the T. This man is known as Adolf Hitler.
Hitler was blinded beyond reason by some super natural darkness. And throughout that he blinded millions. Hitler gave tons of speeches. Hitler said the following during one of them. “As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.” This man is so blinded he believes that killing Jews is justice. He is seriously demented. another quote by Hitler is,” By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.” Adolf Hitler. Hitler just described his own true actions. He made people think what he was doing was true and justified and in reality it was hell. this proves another quote,” Great liars are also great magicians” Adolf Hitler. He was a great liar and therefore he made people see lies. In this way he was a great magician as well. Those are just quotes look at his actions. There is one word and when it is stated everyone becomes sad. It is more than a single word it is a memory. Holocaust. The beast that made this happen was none other than Adolf Hitler. Why did he do this? He did this for his own enjoyment. He did such evil things to Jewish people that anyone can only describe with one word. EVIL. Evil was thrust into this individual. Just like it is thrust into every single person in Life. One could say he had an extra dosage. But from whom did it come from? That is another story entirely.

Evil is everywhere. You can see it when you walk down the street, when you go to work, even when you sleep. There was a time fifth grade. A boy was very scrawny. Extremely nice. But people liked to pick on him very much like hoe people picked on that poor bus boy at the diner in Flowers for Algernon. He would get into fights. The kids did just childish things to him things that were meaningless. And yet it seemed like they were addicted to it. Yes some people stood up for this boy. But most of the school kept badgering him nonstop. He couldn’t do anything about it. Now Lawrence was not the only one. There was another. She was well over weight and people picked on her for it. Honestly it was just horrible. They called her names that would knock the wind out of any person with an actual conscience. These kids had no morality. There was mainly one person who stood up for her. In fact he almost got into many fights trying to “protect” her. He did this not because of a crush or pity. He did it because he knew what was right and he had a conscience and a strong one at that. Last, there are a group of kids at every school who are known as the”Popular” kids. Those kids in reality exclude and discriminate against the so called “Unpopular” kids. Also known as the kids who fly under the radar? But who are they to make the choice of who is cool and who is a nobody. They think they are the greatest things that have ever happened and that everyone loves them, when in the real world most just despise them. The term popular is asinine. Yes there are kids who are known more then others but that doesn’t give them the privilege to cut down everyone else. Even in everyday life there is evil. Just like bullying a kid on the playground.

So what is the power of evil? It is the fact that there is cold blood murder in this world. It is the fact that human beings are savages. It is something way more then one can comprehend. The power of evil is the thing that runs through the veins of every single person that has walked this planet. Every single person but ONE.

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