Chimps in our world

November 24, 2009
By Anonymous

When you were first born……. who was there to hold you? You can look in the mirror and see yourself unique, and furry. Where would you stand without communication? These are all parts of chimps lives. These topics I have chosen are very interesting and meaningful to me.

Mothers and children share a special relationship. Well its just about the same when it comes to chimps and their moms too! From an early age moms and baby chimps spend most of their time playing, snuggling, and learning. When the baby reaches the age of 5 or so and gets a little older they stop clinging to mommy’s belly. They put on about 5 more years and they have now reached adolescence. Without this motherly bond all chimps and creatures would be careless, cold hearted, and sad. Mothers bring in this touching, caring parts of lives.

These furry animals and their physical traits are said to be the most identical to us in the U.S. They have many of the same physical traits and features like, opposable thumbs, hands and feet, built the same way, and their traits like emotions, feelings and faces. All in all these mini human kind animal is a lot like us and I hope to learn more about the traits and features we share with them.

How smart a animal is can be seen by how they communicate. One of these ways is when the chimps touch each other. They hug, kiss, and sometimes even hold hands to show affection and comfort. These fascinating little monkeys also make distinct, and very different facial expressions to show emotions toward each other. When I notice similarities between humans and chimps I get excited and want to learn more.

Mothers and babies, to physical traits, to communication. Did you know that their used to be over a million chimps in Africa …..but now there is only a couple hundred thousand that are left now. It’s sad to think we could kill off some of the most amazing creatures. After all I have leaned about these animals it is just so touching and very hard on me to hear about tragic things that happen to them. I only dream about going to Africa someday to treat and love for these little guys. I hope you enjoy the knowledge I have given you. Now will you go out into the world and use it?

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paddock said...
on Dec. 16 2009 at 1:26 pm
Congratulations! This is great writing!


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