December 2, 2009
How could you leave? I didn’t mean it, please come back! These were the things roaming through my mind the moment I said goodbye. I can’t stand his tears; they’re like bullets going through my heart. I needed to let him go, cut him out; just something pulls me back every time. It’s too frustrating; he’s just so intoxicating. I need him in my life, even though he’s caused so many scars on my already broken heart. What hurts the most was finding out about the other girl. I should have known. All those times being told I was the only one, I still can’t believe he betrayed me. The worst part about being lied to is knowing you’re not worth the truth. It’s not my fault he wasn’t happy with what he had; so why did I say sorry? Maybe because I felt sorry for myself for believing every lie he told. Does he know that every time he passes me I can hardly breathe, and that i have to fake a smile just to hold back the tears? It’s all in my past now, but for some odd reason I still regret saying goodbye…

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