December 2, 2009
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It puts you in a separate dimension. The exuberance of freedom takes over and motivation pushes your soul into harmony as the melodic tones break from the lips. The heart dances and the spirit rejoices; completeness and wholeness surround you. As the words are released a message is made known to the world. That message is yours. Nobody can steal your message, but only share it. At times the music woes the heart and soul to romance, however, in a complete second the persona of one can be forced into joy or sorrow through the rhythm of music. Emotions are tossed just as a tide in the ocean. Crashing and clashing back and forth. The size and intensity mellows and grows, as does the wind.

At times nothing else can satisfy better than the lyrics of that song in your heart. Nothing else can give you power or courage. “When you feel like you’re done and the darkness has won, I say Babe your not lost.” Friends, family members and even the world may not understand, but that one song, those lyrics, melodies, harmonies, and instruments understand you; for once you feel satisfied. As the piano plays harder and the tempo picks up, so does your motivation. “We can fly fly fly away, because you are not alone and I am there with you and we’ll get lost together till the light comes pouring through.” Inspiration settles the soul and pushes the mind to accomplish greater things than ever imagined and finally brings you to what you have always been searching for... peace and serendipity.

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