The Greatest Story about nothng

December 4, 2009
By alexkluge BRONZE, Ballwin, Missouri
alexkluge BRONZE, Ballwin, Missouri
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Hey there, today a story begins about the guy who is sitting in the middle computer lab at Parkway South High School named Philip. He is an average teenager, who like most kids loves to listen to rock n’ roll and do art. He has luscious locks of brown wavy hair that supporting his rocker look. He sits there listening intently to his mp3 player, trying to concentrate on his own observation paper. Philip, aka Mitch, types his paper about Alex, and how he is a writing his paper about him. Mitch looks over at Alex’s screen to check out what peculiar topic Alex choose to write about, since he is writing genius. Mitch has a ponderous look on his face, most likely because he doesn’t understand the sophisticated vocabulary that Alex uses.
Philip is wearing a white shirt that has a red hot chill peppers red symbol on the shirt and black skulls that are staring right back at the world. He is also wearing a pair of Union Bay jeans that have tiny slits in the legs and knees, to supporting the new age rock n roller he desires to portrays.
After awhile, Philip decides to scrap his whole paper since he has gotten nowhere and can’t think of anything else to write about Alex. So Mitch sits in the miniature blue chair with the hard plastic back, hunched over the computer, trying to think of a better topic.
Mitch achieves a new look of frustration because he can’t think of anything. He groans, “Alex, I can’t think of anything to write about, I can’t concentrate.” While his mind probably fills up to the brim with worthless and distracting songs, causing him to make beats with his hands. All the background noise of people chattering also makes it hard for Philip to concentrate. He starts to type a paper now; he may have gotten struck with a genius idea about the last rock concert that he went to. But he ends up laying his hand on the backspace key till the last three sentences he wrote have been destroyed forever. He has a look as if he is staring up at a three-hundred-foot wall and told, simply, to climb it. He leans over to tell Alex, “I don’t know what to write about; I am just so frustrated and can’t think of anything.” Alex comments back to Philip, “Sorry, dude, but I am just making everything up as I go.”
He had just had a little conference with Ms. Topham and she told him to write about something that has really changed his life. At first Mitch looked dumbfounded and then BAM! It struck him and he started to write his paper. He has an idea to write about his work experience and how he observes the people that come to swim at the pool. As soon as he typed the title, his fingers start to fly across the keyboard a million words per minute. The sounds of the tapping of keys are like a beat and Mitch grooves along with the beat to type his paper.
Philip ends up finishing his paper up in the thirty minutes he had left of class. He seemed to feel pleased with himself and have a feeling of accomplishment, instead of the horrible feeling he had of failure. With Mitch finishing his paper it allowed for Alex to finish his own paper, and in comparison Alex’s paper is 100 percent better since he took a whole new approach to writing an observation paper.

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