November 29, 2009
By Abby Sarvis BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
Abby Sarvis BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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Deep in the fog of war, two men stepped out from the shadow of the night into the violence of southwestern Germany. The moonless night was filled with the sound of screams and guns. The taller and stronger built man, Thomas Jackson; stepped a foot onto the ground in front of him, with his favorite silver revolver in his hand. He took off at a sprint, with his partner, Charles Rainsford behind him. Rainsford grabbed his bag of near and dear possessions. The two took a car from dead soldiers and started the machine. Jackson started to move the vehicle as the horrific bloodshed continued. A man watched the two drive off. He was a tall, lean man, in a well decorated and blood stained Nazi uniform. The man named Colonel Hans Grustoff, got into an identical vehicle with two German G.I’s in the back.

The screams of the men in battle still rang in Jackson and Rainsford’s head as they drove through a black forest as they started driving towards north to Berlin. The whole reason they were in Germany was to assassinate Hitler. The two men were trying something many men have tried, but failed. They were unaware that not that far behind, was a man who wasn’t sure where they were going or what they were doing, but he would stop them, Colonel Grustoff. Jackson and Rainsford passed the safe area of American lines to the veiled and bloody forest of Germany. When they were out of earshot to anything trying to listen, Jackson spoke in his deep accent to his partner. “Let’s work on some details.”…
…Jackson, prior to the battle, was on a majestic boat with the class and luxurious appeal of the Titanic. The fairytale like ship was on a trip to London. He had with him the only things that had meaning to him; a large can of chewing tobacco, a picture of his family, and his silver revolver. His gun was the child he never had with his ex-wife. He was on the voyage for the one thing that he ever wanted to do in his life, join the army. Jackson chose to be in the army to do honor for his self and his country. Jackson started to grow impatient for not doing what he was born to do. The boat trip was supposed to be for a few days, which was too long for an eager solider. He sat on the ship for the days, waiting for the ship to reach port. He whittled a minute trinket for the even tinier English girl next to him. He carved out the long ears, the fluffy fur, and cottontail of a small rabbit. The carving wasn’t just a friendly gesture, but more of a way to relive his excitement. All Jackson knew in his life was battle. He couldn’t wait for the battle, even if he did have to work with a soft English man. The captain announced that the ship would be arriving in a few minutes. He gathered his things and waited till the ship reached London. Once the ship doors opened, he got up from the gold lined and crushed red velvet seat and pushed past the ecstatic crowds.
As he walked down to the solid ground, he saw a man with a government license take him to a glamorous black Cadillac. The car was taking him to a government building where he would meet his partner. The car ride was too slow for how long he already had to wait. Despite it was five minutes; Jackson could not wait to see his mission. The official in the car lead him to a well-furnished, expensive looking room full of bookshelves and paintings. A small man sat at a table with two wooden chairs with a cream colored cushion under the seat. As he stood up to greet Jackson, Jackson found out that his new partner was not very tall. He was only about five-foot-four, for the man’s head only reached Jackson’s neck. The man greeted him in a heavy English accent.
“Hello, Thomas Jackson I presume? I’m Charles Rainsford. I’ve formulated a plan for us, but I’m afraid we should wait until we leave on our plane to Germany before I start reviewing them with you.”

“Sure”, Jackson responded in his clashing southern accent. Charles had chocolate brown hair that clashed with his emerald toned eyes. Jackson had a sandy blonde buzz cut with masculine blue eyes.

They both drove to a take off area and walked in the cold misty air. They sat down in the small plane and took off into the grey, damp sky. Rainsford was a scholar and professor, until he was fired for monetary purposes from Cambridge. He now worked for the government as a plan organizer. Rainsford took out a map and started talking and pointing at different points.

“We’ll start along with America’s military and move closer towards Germany.” He spoke as his fingers danced along the map. “We’ll find a way to get to Berlin, perhaps steal a German’s car. Then we’ll get a disguise. We’ll dismiss his guards and take their place. We’ll then go in and finish him off then and there.” He stopped talking and moving his fingers. He put the map away into his bag. “Sound good?”

“Fine to me.” They both stopped talking as they felt their plane land…

… “Okay” Jackson affirmed. They finished making up the details of their plan. They then took the uniforms of the dead soldiers inside the car they were driving. Unknown to the two, they were still being followed by Grustoff. As soon as they were resettled in the car and they thought they were safe, they heard gunshots directly behind them. The dangerous weapon was in the hands of Grustoff and his two comrades in his automobile. Jackson tried to maneuver the car away from the dangerous blasts, but a bullet hit their back tire. The two leapt out of the motionless car and starting bounding at full speed away from the approaching vehicle. They tried to dart through the trees, but the metal beast with three men in it caught up to them before they could make the great escape. The two soldiers captured Jackson and Rainsford before either could get away from them any further. Grustoff barked at them in German, but the two English speakers did not understand. He repeated his command. The two may of had a great plan in the car, but they left out a big detail. If you ever get caught, you should know how to speak the language of your capturers.

Grustoff and his soldiers took the two to a high security prison about ten kilometers away from where they were captured. The jail was supposedly one hundred and eighty kilometers away from Berlin. Rainsford and Jackson were dragged through the prison to get to their cell. The cage they were locked in smelled of mildew and blood. The lighting was dim and everything was grey, bleak, and absence of all hope. Water dripped from the ceilings and pooled at the cracked stone floor. They saw sorry sights of what used to be brave strong fighters, now reduced to sad nothings. They were thrown carelessly inside a cell, which had rusted iron bars. Rainsford sat down and he started thinking. Jackson paced around the room as he thought to. Rainsford finally spoke up and said with the smallest hint of worry “How are we getting out of here?”

“I’m not sure.” Jackson stated. He was rubbed his temples as the vein in his head popped out. He started stomping a little harder and suddenly he felt some of the ground crack. He looked down and saw a small hole in the ground. “I think the grounds hollow underneath.” Jackson hastily whispered to Rainsford. He started stomping at the same spot where he first discovered the hole. After a few dozen heavy hits the ground below gave away. It left a radius of a yard and it was a perfect circle. Jackson jumped back and observed. It was a tunnel, probably from another prisoner that almost escaped before they passed. It smelled like wet dirt and it was pitch black. Rainsford jumped up and observed the pit along with Jackson.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“The perfect escape.”

“But is it safe? How do we know it’s done?”

“We’ll just have to find out ourselves”

“Are you mad?! Who knows what could be down there?”

“Don’t be a wimp, it’s better then staying down here.”

“…True, all right.” Jackson grabbed his possessions and took out a large blanket. He jumped down the dark escape. Rainsford jumped down and landed next to Jackson. Jackson looked up. This hole was incredibly deep. Rainsford stood on Jackson’s shoulders and covered the hole with the blanket to mask their escape. Jackson took out a lighter and used it to guide their way out of the chamber. The tunnel was impressive. The ceiling was almost five feet tall, so the two men still had to crawl on their hands and knees to freedom. The passage way got colder as they continued on. Jackson up front grunted when he hit an end. When the two looked up there was a dark blue sky looking up at them. The sky was flecked with small silver stars and a big bright white crescent moon. Rainsford hopped up on Jackson’s shoulders and climbed out. Jackson leaped out by himself. They looked for the one guide they had. Rainsford pointed at the North Star through the thick forest. They started running away from the icon in the sky. The hours flew as fast as their speed when the sun started rising to gold and lavenders as they reached the American lines. Despite the happiness of the escape, they were still miserable inside. Hitler was alive and their mission died. Jackson thought they shouldn’t go home, but they still were. The leaders of the American army understood. No matter what, the men would not give up. They refused to loose. The Germans cannot win this war. Despite the fact both men couldn’t do anything more, they knew that Hitler would be stopped by different hands.

The author's comments:
I really like world war two, and I had to write a piece for a project, so might as well make it something I love.

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