Spirits or Myths?

November 20, 2009
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East Immanuel Lutheran Church, otherwise known as the “haunted church,” is located in the countryside on top of a hill about five miles from the town of Amery, Wisconsin. The church received its nickname starting in the early 1980’s. In 1981, the church’s pastor, Elizabeth Robinson, claimed she heard the church bells ringing in the middle of the night. She went to investigate and found the church completely vacant. Since then, there have been many more encounters of strange things happening in the middle of the night. Some witnesses have heard voices coming from upstairs in the balcony and downstairs in the basement. When they went to see who was there they found nothing. One report by a witness helps back up the theory that there are indeed voices of spirits inside the church. The organ repairman was alone in the church one day late at night making needed repairs to the organ. After a while of working, he started to hear voices coming from the upstairs balcony. So, being curious as to who was in the church, he went to investigate. He found nothing and thought he was hearing things, so he went back to work. A couple of minutes later, he heard the voices again, this time coming from the basement. Again, when he went to investigate, he found nothing. The repairman was so freaked out by the voices he ran out of the church without finishing the repairs to the organ. To this day he still will not go into the church at night. People from the community began to be afraid of going into the church alone at night. They started calling it the “haunted church” and rumors of there being spirits inside the church began to spread around the nearby towns of Amery and Deer Park. People have traveled from all over to see the “haunted church” in hopes of hearing the voices of the spirits that linger inside it. “Ghost hunters” have inspected the church, but nothing has ever been found to prove that there are indeed spirits. Only the people who have heard or seen the spirits truly know that they exist.

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