Make Me Persuasive

November 17, 2009
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I’ve heard that it is extremely difficult to cook soufflé. The chef has to be very experienced; if it is undercooked it is too mushy, overcook it and it burns extremely easily. You have to know the perfect temperature, the perfect amount of time to cook it for, the perfect container to put it in, and the perfect ingredients to use. When the chef demonstrates extreme skill and care, the results are incredible. Persuading someone is much like cooking a soufflé, if you don’t try hard enough or if you overdo it, it becomes a waste of time. You have to know how far to push them. You need to know the right “ingredients”; the things that the person will respond to in a positive way to help achieve your goals. Combine the wrong ingredients and the soufflé goes bad. Cooking time is also very important; if you think they can be “cooked” a little more, go for it. However, take it out of the oven as soon as it starts to burn. You must recognize a lost cause and give up. Some people respond well to hot temperatures, a firm tone that points out the pros of what you want them to do, and not the cons. Others, however, react better to cool temperatures; a gentle tone which appeals well to their common sense and does not offend them, with a bit of flattery thrown in. Once you know the right ingredients and the perfect temperature, the soufflé will be delicious. Get one thing wrong, and it goes bad.

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