November 25, 2009
By Anonymous

I have been disabled my whole life. My family and I have a genetic skin condition that creates thickness of the skin which restricts movement. It is called Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis Icthyosis (EHK). It is a condition when the skin is very dry. There is nothing you can do for it, and there is no cure. Because of this, I have disabled plates and a placard for the car without plates. I have never had problems parking in the handicap spaces, until one incident.

On September 22, 2009, I went with my father to a baseball game at Miller Park. I was excited for the game. It was Brewers vs. Cubs. We parked in the handicap section of Miller Park. When we got out of the car, there was an officer there. He pulled us aside and asked who the placard was licensed to. It was in my mother’s name, which was not present. She has let me use the placard since I started driving. This is because the DMV informed her I did not need one in my name because I am a minor. The officer pulled my father away from me, and informed him of the law. He was also charged with $500 in fines. The officer made him feel like a law breaker. He has been driving a dump truck for 18 years, and has a clean record. He has always followed the law. My family knew nothing of this law. We had to get new placards for my car. This was because the officer confiscated the placard, and also had to put my mother’s, my brother’s and my name on the disabled license plates.

There has been an unnecessary stress around my house because of this situation. We were never informed of this law or the change in the law. There may not be anything you can do about this matter, but you should be informed about the situation. This may be the only situation you know about, but it is happening all over the state. There are thousands of people who are misinformed of the laws for disabled plates everyday.

I appreciate your time you have put into reading this letter. If you wish to contact me you can use the address above. Thanks again for your time.

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