Yesterday and Tomorrow

November 24, 2009
Friends from yesterday does not mean they’ll be friends for tomorrow, but we are a different story. Being friends does not need a time period but the understanding of one another. From our childhood we heard the story of how the humble mouse saved the mighty lion by chewing through a net trap. Though the mouse was small, that did not stop it from saving the lion. From then on they became best of friends. This shows no matter what you are, how small you are, anything can happen, including a blooming friendship.

I reached out to pull yesterday closer to me but within an instant it vanish before my eyes. It seems as if it was just yesterday but really it’s been two years since then. “She likes you!” said the note posted on the clear glass window that divided this section from that. Back when we first met, the note brought back hilarious moments that are now only in our memories.

It was not an ordinary year. Friends drifted away, they left and never turn back to look behind. “Yesterday?” I asked, sitting there in confusion. Ordinary it may sound but it was an inside joke we created one morning of our sophomore year in the halls. Even till now, yesterday is still, ‘Yesterday?’

What happened yesterday won’t repeat itself anymore. As the years gradually went by, friends gradually faded away, till all that are left are the true ones. Danielle is a generous charity, fragile doll at times. Her words may sometimes be sharp as knives but she acquires a tofu heart. “OMG,” said Danielle, who is all psych up. “You won’t believe what had happened.”
Jelani fills the atmosphere with her loud voice that brightens the onyx night. Mowava cool as the morning spring. Mowava and Jelani are like the rain and heat, if one were to vanish, then perhaps a flood or drought. If there is no rain, the heat was dry the surface, hence a drought. If there is no heat, the rain will cover the surface, hence a flood. “He be dead,” Jelani and Mowava chimed in unison.
Dwayne’s laughs rings a bell that brings you back to reality. “Anyone got any food?” asked Dwayne as he skimmed the crowd halls.
Ruben, a meteor shower, is unpredictable at times but is a shoulder to cry on. “Hug!” exclaimed Ruben as he extended his arms out.
This is who we are, the iron wall that never falls. The mighty lion, king of the wild, fell prey to a net trap. The humble mouse, small compared to the lion, nibble through the net trap thus freed the lion. One may not be strong enough but together we are humble and mighty.

Everything is unique. Organisms, utensils, tools, everything is unique. They all have a meaning in life, not one is useless. Everything has a purpose in life but not everyone will realize their purpose in life. A friendship bond can be forever or just a short memory in our lives.
Together, we are the elements that synthesize to poise the wall. Each of us are the elements that combines to poise the wall. Our bond can’t simply be put into words. No matter how much money is offered for our bond, nothing would be able to buy it, not even the world. We are the sun that lightens the onyx night, the morning alarm that brings a ring, the spring breeze that blows your worries away. We are the possible, yet the impossible. We can make the impossible seem possible. We can’t be imitated, making us impossible. This is who we are. Not your ordinary fairy tale. We are a different tale.

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