Value of Life

October 30, 2009
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In the words of Forest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.” This is true, especially since there are so many things in life that are just waiting to be discovered. In turn, there are also things in life that aren’t very satisfying.

One thing in life that is good is all the things we see. Mt. Everest and Niagara Falls are just a few of the great wonders. These and many others are just breathtaking, and there are even some beauties yet to be discovered. Another great privilege in life is to have fun. People should go out and do all the exciting things life has to offer instead of just sitting at a computer typing an essay (*cough*). If you want, you can incorporate seeing the great wonders and having fun doing so together. Climbing up Mt. Everest or sitting in a barrel and going down Niagara Falls are just a couple of examples.

Along with the good, there are also the bad (but no ugly). Wars are the worst, how it takes peoples lives away, and causes destruction in the process. WWII was most horrific, seeing how it killed at least two million innocent people who didn’t get to live out their full lives. One other bad thing in life is just wondering when you’re going to die. One day you could just be sitting in your room and wonder to yourself, “When will my day come?” Then you’ll just sit there and be miserable. A great way to avoid this conflict: Do something about it by doing something.

Life is short to think about what you want to do, so that’s why you should go out there and make it so you won’t have to think about when you’re going to stop. There are the good things in life and the bad things in life, so try to decide which life you want to have. Decide carefully.

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