this pain

November 16, 2009
played,lied to,abandon,naw those anit it but thats how im feeling now these nawing pains that i just cant cope so loud that it rings in my ear so loud that it drowns out the sound of mommy and daddy fighting in the next room so loud that i sit quietly just to see if im the only one who hears it...pain so loud i cant hear my thoughts my words are comming out as a slurr i cant hear my heart beat it nums my body were i dont have a since of touch a since of smell i touch my chest. NOTHING.i touch my head feeling as i sit there body num nothing really mattered at this point my tampered thoughts my slurred words no touch,no smell,no feeling this pain has taken over my body.every minute that i sit it worstens as flying thoughts raced threw my head cold sweat ripped down my forehead chills down my spin dis pain feels like its taking my life stopping me in my tracks...crushing my dreamsdis pain is hurting me so deep im unable to hide i try not to show it i wait till night comes were i can go to my hurtinhg placewere my emotions has no reasons to hide were i dont have to keep thos pain so bottled inside i dont have to hide the pain i feel inside i dont have to hide the pain like a thunder storm the pain rained...

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