A Chimpanzee And A Child

November 15, 2009
By She_bad_y0 GOLD, Anoka, Minnesota
She_bad_y0 GOLD, Anoka, Minnesota
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Here I am in the land of good soil, fresh air, and beautiful landscape. Africa is known for its a lot of forests and its animal. Speaking of animals, chimpanzees are the the most dangerous animal in the whole world. With that being said, here's a story that happened involving a chimpanzee and a child in Yambio, Sudan.
Between 1956-1958, John Manice was born and he his parents owned a farm at Yambio, Sudan. One day, John's parents left John lying down in the middle of the farm while they were harvesting their farm.A few moments later, a big hairy chimpanzee came by quickly and took baby John and ran with him up in a tree. The parents were shocked and went home praying that John will be safe because if the parents tries to fight the chimpanzee or yell at the chimpanzee, the chimpanzee will kill little John. Everyday the parents would go the farm making sure John is sill alive. John stayed with the chimpanzee for about 2 months. All John can eat was honey. After 2 months long, the chimpanzee returned John with honey in the same place they took him from before. The day John was brought home, his parents moved away. John had a hair body as he grew up, he as quiet in school, and children made fun of him. Pretty much John is a well blessed child because God protected him from harm. Commonly in Africa, chimpanzee is the most dangerous animal people are scared of. Hope you learned something.

The author's comments:
This story was told by my mother.So i wrote it because its kind of interested and it really happened in Yambio, Sudan. Chimpanzees are animals people should not live with because they are dangerous and harmful.

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